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Monday, February 22, 2010

Lillie Taylor Photoshoot

So me and Lillie decided we would go do a pre shoot to her and chloes upcoming shoot :) so we grabbed some clothes together and the camera and headed down to aldi in Albury, where we found an awesome strawberry wall :P bit embarrassing with all the people walking past  :P but all fun then we went around the corner of the car park and found a mad purpley grey wall which the photos of turned out realllly good :) and our luck across from there was a really nice brick wall that showed up good in the shots :) after that we drove down to browns lagoon in south Albury where we took some photos in front of a green tree :) where we made a joke haha and then sitting on a sign, then leaning against a treee then on the gazeeeebos, then she chased me around the tree while i took photos of her :) after that we went got wet at doctors point :) all in all it was a really good couple of hours in which we ended with jumping on ryans trampoline ahahah and a shit load of good photos :)

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